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Workshops & Series


1 workshop: $45

All Three: $100

1)Intro to Ashtanga

September 24th at 12:30PM

In this workshop we will explore the traditional ashtanga practice with a more holistic approach using self awareness, interoception and tension with integrity. Here you will learn how to modify, self adjust, align and gauge yourself to prevent, hip, shoulder & wrist injuries.


Healthy Aging

October 1st, at 12:30PM

Yoga is an important practice to support the body, spirit and mind as a we age. This has been and continues to be proven with science and medical studies. Some things we?ll explore in this workshop is fall prevention, pelvic floor health, bone density, immunity, cognition, proprioception and overall brain health. Not to mention the social & emotional support that comes with community classes.


Yoga & Self Massage 

October 8th at 12:30PM

Self Massage and yoga go hand in hand in this workshop as we take our bodies into some gentle movement practice and unify the 2 modalities. Using various balls, noodles and tapping devices we can address fascia tension, stuck prana and use breath and mantra to move energy as we learn to communicate with our body and learn how this helps to release oxytocin & other feel good hormones.

Investment: $125


Starts Sunday October 2nd at 8:30 AM

Join Crystal for a 6 week dive into core strengthening for your back health.

We will go through Dr McGills Big 3 exercises that have been clinically proven safe and effective for core and back strengthening and many more.

We will learn about correct postural alignment, and I will offer hands-on corrections as we go.

We will progress through the six weeks of core strengthening and back fitness, building a solid foundation on which to progress to the next level.

Core training is critical for improving posture, enhancing performance, increasing resistance to injury and acceleration of injury rehabilitation.

We will improve your functionality across the spectrum. Balance training is essential to reduce the risk of falling as we age and to improve physical performance and overall confidence during activities of daily living.



Investment: $40

WHEN: Tuesday Oct.18th, 7-8:15PM



An evening to explore an introduction to Aerial Yoga. We will enjoy a slow paced class, blending active movements, inversions and restorative poses.

Space is limited!

Investment: $40

WHEN: Oct.25th, 7-8:15pm


An evening to relax in a restorative yoga practice using an aerial yoga hammock lowered close to the floor.

We will enjoy a slow paced class, holding poses a little longer so you can drop into meditative bliss. Complete with final rest laying in your hammock.



Investment: $575 + gst

$200 deposit to register. *non refundable, non transferable*

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

This November 2022 join Aerial Yoga Instructor Juliana Lavell (700hr RYT) for this comprehensive weekend to expand your teaching portfolio into the exciting dynamics of Aerial Yoga!


November 24-27

Thursday 5-8pm

Friday 5-8pm

Saturday 12-7pm

Sunday 12-5:00pm


Perfect Balance Yoga, West Kelowna BC


-To teach and sequence full balanced classes that seamlessly transition from floor to flying aerial poses and counter poses, for a well-rounded Yoga practice

-Assist and spot students of all body types and abilities

-Safely guide students in and out of positions

inversions and tricks

-Creative Sequencing

-Aerial Fitness and Restorative

-Safe rigging techniques

This training is suitable for instructors of yoga, pilates, dance, fitness etc as well as students who love aerial!

You will be given a Training Manual and Certificate of Completion at the end of your 20 hour program.

Certified with the Canadian Yoga Alliance for 20 hours of Education

We are offering private in studio sessions!

We are running private one on one sessions in studio with your favorite instructors!  

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