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May 8th


Looking for that perfect, intimate activity to do with your mom this mothers day? 

Look no further! 

Grizzli’s Mother’s Day Yoga workshop in partnership with Perfect Balance Yoga & Wellness is a welcome and inclusive event where everyone is welcome to learn, laugh and celebrate mom! In this small and intimate setting, learn a new skill, get your body moving and spend some time in the sunshine! 

Still not convinced? 

Every ticket comes with an Okanagan Wine Flight following your class. Experience 4 tastings with uniquely curated pairings.

All levels welcome!



May 15th


Full Moon Ceremony 

with Andrea & Chelsea

This class will be a combination of mindful movement and breath work, journaling, finishing with a guided breath work practice to help release and let go!

We will work through journaling prompts and a guided meditation to release anything that no longer serves, following the theme of the Full Moon which this month the moon asks us to be vulnerable so we can become more intimate with ourselves and others.

We will also move through a yoga sequence designed to cleanse and let go of stagnant energy.

Then Chelase will guide you through a breath work practice.

Chelsea brings an empathetic & intuitive approach to offering support, resources & guidance to help others connect with self and uncover the tools they need for whatever adventures their journey through life may bring.

Join us and the community to move, reflect, and breath!

Starting May 17th


When it comes to stress, a common belief I come across all too often is that you might feel called to handle more. When I hear this, I can’t help but wonder how it might feel for you if you shifted the more to better?

While stress will always play a role in your life – it’s often a whole new game when you have breathwork on your side.

Breathwork offers simple, effective, and 100% natural regulation for the nervous system, and no experience is required!

It would make sense to think the mind controls the nervous system, but it's actually the breath.

Quick, shallow chest breathing signals a stressed state to your body; while deep, slow belly breathing is connected to a sense of calm, wellbeing and feeling grounded.

The simple act of changing your breath, signals your nervous system that you are safe.

In this 1-hr session you will begin to learn how regulating your nervous system may be the key to expanding your ability to handle stress better.

This is an invitation for you to get curious with self as we begin to explore how the practice of breathwork could shift your current relationship with stress.

For those of you ready to accept, I can’t wait to connect – xo!

– Chelsea Martinick



May 17th

6:30 PM

Rob Lindsay, is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and reiki master/teacher

with a deep running passion for helping people take back control of their lives through the power of hypnosis and energy healing techniques.

Julia Millar Holistic Recovery Coach & Reiki Practitioner.

Throughout my journey I found myself struggling with connection, self love, self worth, recovery, and support until I found Holistic Healing Modalities.

This opened a space, which allowed me to heal internally and externally through a variety of different cultures and techniques.

Reiki, along with other spiritual healing modalities gave me a sense of belonging and connection within.

As we come together to experience a spiritual awakening, a journey, a movement, to release built up fear, to let go of all that no longer serves us, and energy that holds us back from becoming who we are meant to be in this lifetime.

Join us in this Spiritual Movement,

Our intention is to create a Reiki Healing community where anyone can join to find a moment of relaxation, clarity, healing, feeling blissful with love and compassion!

Monthly Event

Last Sunday of the Month

May 29th


Calling all Reiki Healers!

Join us for a chance to practice Reiki, embrace your spirituality, learn and share!

This event is an event by Reiki Practitioners for Reiki and Healing Practitioners in all walks of life. From new Reiki Practitioners to seasoned Reiki Masters all are welcome.

If you are interested in expanding your practice locally and participating/joining/channeling then this is for YOU!!!!

Introduction - getting to know the space and one another

Movement & Meditation- Led by Reiki Master Andrea come back to your heart and connect to peace

Reiki Exchange- Intuitively partner up and practice giving and recieveing a healing session

Group Healing- pay it forward and work together to give send some healing to those in need

We open our heart to the healing community here in the Okanagan as we awaken the world with united divine energy and love!

By donation.

All donations from this event go to Mamas for Mamas.

Minimum Donation $10

"Mamas for Mamas is a national charitable organization that supports mothers and caregivers in crisis by providing ongoing support to individuals and families facing various poverty-related struggles. Our mission is to change the landscape of poverty through innovative approaches to financial barriers faced by struggling families. We envision a future where no Mama or child is left behind."


We are offering private in studio sessions!

We are running private one on one sessions in studio with your favorite instructors!  

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