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Weekly Yoga Schedule

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We are taking requests for new classes!  Please reach out if you have a class or time you would like to see on the schedule.

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❀️- Toasty Warm (Our Hottest Classes)

πŸ’›- Warm, Cozy and nurturing

πŸ’™- Room Temperature


πŸ’›9:30 am Feel Good Flow 60 min

 Hatha, Flowing Practice- Warm Class

***πŸ’™10:45 am Postpartum Foundation: Getting back to movement 

4 week course, Postpartum Supports, Fitness- Room Temperature Course

πŸ’›4:45 pm Perfect Balance Yoga 60 min

​Balance Inspired Flow- Warm Class 

πŸ’›6:15 pm Grounding Vinyasa

Flowing asana- Warm Class


❀️9:15 am Toasty 26  60 min

This toasty warm practice includes beginner friendly ancient yoga - Heated Room

πŸ’›12:15 pm Yoga Charge 45 min

Invigorating Lunchtime Hatha- Warm Class

πŸ’›5:00 pm Yang to Yin 60 min

1/2 Vinyasa 1/2 Yin- Warm Class

πŸ’™6:30 Prenatal Yoga 60 min

Mindfulness, Meditation, yoga for healthy pregnancy- Room Temperature

 πŸ’›7:45 Relaxation Practices to find Peace 60 min

Candlelight Yin (1st Tuesday of the month)

Soothing Yin by Candlelight- Warm Class

Yoga Nidra (2nd Tuesday of the month)

*Bring a blanket and scarf*

Meditative guided practice to return to coherence- Warm Class

Restorative Yoga (3rd Tuesday of the month)

Yoga for active relaxation using pillows and props- Warm Class


πŸ’™9:00 am Compassionate Ashtanga 60 min

Therapeutic approach to Ashtanga - Room Temperature

πŸ’™10:45 am Yin 60 min

Yin, yoga for stretch and Fascia- Warm Class

πŸ’™4:00 pm Kids Yoga + Mindfulness 45 min

Play based, fun and developmentally appropriate- Room Temperature

❀️5:00 pm Toasty Yin 60 min

Yin, yoga for stretch and Fascia- Heated Room

❀️6:15 pm Toasty 26  60 min

This toasty warm practice includes beginner friendly ancient yoga - Heated Room

πŸ’™7:45 pm Gentle Spirit Yoga 75 min

Gentle flow, spiritual exploration through movement- Room Temperature


πŸ’™9:30 am Qi Gong 60 min

Movement Meditation, Fluid Energy based class- Room Temperature

πŸ’™12:15 pm Gentle Flow 45 min 

Soothing Lunchtime Hatha- Room Temperature

πŸ’™5:00 pm Mindful Movement 60 min (Starts September 22nd)

Gentle Somatic, healing through movement- Room Temperature

πŸ’™6:30 pm Belly Dance 60 min

Movement, Dance class- Room Temperature


πŸ’›9:30 am Perfect Balance 60 min

Balance Inspired Flow- Warm Class

πŸ’™10:45 am Slow Flow 60 min

Therapeutic Approach, Gentle Flow- Room Temperature

πŸ’™1:00 pm Yin 60 min

Yin, yoga for stretch and Fascia- Room Temperature


❀️9:15 am Detox Yoga 60 min

Twist Inspired, Flowing Practice- Heated Room

πŸ’›10:45 am Detox Yoga 60 min

1/2 Vinyasa 1/2 Yin- Warm Class

***πŸ’™12:30 pm Therapeutic Yoga Workshops with Dawn 75 min 

Sept. 24th- Intro to Ashtanga

Oct. 1st- Healthy Aging

Oct. 8th- Yoga & Self Massage

1 for $45

All 3 for $100

 Room Temperature


***πŸ’™8:30 am Back to Health: Fitness 60 min 

Back & Core Strengthening, Functional movements.

Starts Oct. 2nd

Room Temperature

πŸ’™9:45 am Mindfulness Guided Practices 30 min 

Join our Sangha, Mindfulness meditations and practice- Room Temperature

πŸ’›10:30 am Delicate Detox 60 min 

Twist Inspired, Flowing Practice- Warm Class

πŸ’›12:00 pm Heal & Release 75 min 

Restorative Yoga & - Warm Class

πŸ’™5:00 pm Harmonize 75 min 

Guided Breath Work Journey  - Room Temperature

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