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Why Choose Perfect Balance Yoga & Fitness?

Our yoga studio offers the best in infrared heating.  Our yoga and fitness instructors are experts and make the classes fun and invigorating.  All classes welcome beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.  We offer spacious change rooms with shower facilities.


Our yoga and fitness instructors are amazing! Each instructor has their own style and each class is unique.


Our staff and instructors love what we do!  We are here to make you feel comfortable and welcome.


Our space is beautifully designed and offers the best in infrared heating technology.  

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Hot Yoga West Kelowna

Our modern facility is equipped with infrared heating.  

The heat penetrates into your body providing many benefits including:

> Detoxifying, energizing, and calming

> Helps burn fat and promotes healthy weight loss

> Reduces stress and anxiety

> Improves strength and flexibility

> Can help with pain and joint mobility

> Can reduce inflammation, sore muscles, and tension

> Can increases circulation

> Can lower blood pressure and help with heart function

>Can improve skin

Meet Our Yoga & Fitness Instructors

We love help you to renew

West Kelowna Yoga Instructor

Rebecca Pulford

Yoga & Fitness Instructor

Growing up I was very involved in sports & loved to move from a young age! This led to me getting my Degree in Kinesiology at UBC Okanagan, where I was simultaneously saving for my yoga training.  I have been teaching yoga for 2.5 years now :) 

Yoga is my moving meditation. Every day I am grateful to wake up and share my passion for movement. 

My intention is to always provide a grounding practise for others, and to inspire a joyful & empowered life. ✨ 

West Kelowna Yoga Instructor

Carly Thomas

Yoga Instructor

Carly, spent most of her life here in the Okanagan, raising her family in Penticton. Her first Yoga Experience was at The Juicy Carrot in Penticton back in the early 1990’s which peaked her curiosity of the yoga practice. Carly then began her personal yoga journey 17 years ago after being in the fitness industry and competing in body building for many years. She began with her practice in Power yoga, and took her first yoga teacher training at Maui Hot Yoga & Kickboxing in 2011, Realizing the need for balance in her life she discovered the Yin Yoga Practice and took her Yin Yoga Teacher training in Maple Ridge at Free Spirit Yoga in 2014. After teaching Power Hot Yoga and Yin Yoga up in Fort McMurray at Higher Health Yoga, her yoga teacher journey took her back to Hawaii to continue her yoga teacher training in the studies of Ayurveda with Sacred Seed Yoga in 2015.

Carly opened a little yoga Studio in Medicine Hat, OHM YOGA and continued to share her passion and love for the yoga practice in body, mind, and spirit for your optimal health & wellness.

She closed her Studio in March of this year when COVID restrictions occurred and moved home to BC.

Carly, also a Certified Wellness Coach, and Nutritional Supplement Advisor, blends her love for fitness, meditation, whole body wellness, and healing of the soul in her classes here in West Kelowna and Peachland.

She also brings her Essential Oil Yoga Sprays to compliment your practice and yoga journey 

Yoga West Kelowna

Julie McCormick

Yoga Instructor

For more than a decade, Julie McCormick is Registered Nurse and continuous yoga student. Her mission in both professions is to elevate people to feel good in their body and mind and inspire joy while focusing on injury prevention. 

Julie first felt in love with yoga as a challenging workout. As her energetic passion for yoga grew, it beautifully transformed her life by grounding her. Her passion for yoga motivated her to complete her first 200h Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in 2018 in Thailand to improve her own personal practice and to better understand the purpose behind the poses and her body movement and alignment. She was so inspired by her initial YTT completion that when she returned home to the Okanagan, she started working on her next yoga journey of completing the 300h YTT with North American School of Yoga. She completed another 200h YTT with Blissology in 2020 which was not only practice changing, it was life changing by finding deep connection with all beings but also with herself.

Passionate, motivating and ever-inspiring, Julie always wants to make sure people let go of high expectations of yoga poses and focus on what feels good for each individual practice. 

Yoga Instructor West Kelowna

Michele Greco

Yoga Instructor

For over thirty years Michele’s passion has been in the healing arts, and where her love of yoga

began.  She started her career as a Registered Massage Therapist specializing in Biodynamic

Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Release. The years since have been full of learning and

growth, with sixteen years of study in Ayurvedic Medicine and completion of her practicum in

Pune, India.

Ayurveda and Yoga are intrinsically related through the ancient Vedic system of healing, and

after a severe car accident left her immobile, yoga has been an essential aspect to regaining

her health.

She received her 200 YYT certification in 2018 which deepened her love of this beautiful path,

and allowed her to continue to teach what she loves.

In her classes she hopes to bring you closer to yourself, and your inner wisdom, while she

continues to learn and grow in all aspects of her teaching (and life). She wants her students to

know she is with them every step of the way during their unfoldment on the mat.

Through her guidance she hopes to hold a safe space for each students self inquiry.

She invites them to listen to their intuition and the subtle qualities that are revealed in every


She invites them to be imperfectly, perfect.

West Kelowna Yoga Instructor

Josee Kreese

Yoga Instructor

I began my yoga journey about 8 years ago when I was a dancer, and only knew yoga for the physical practice (the asanas).

In 2015 I was in a car accident and was not longer able to dance liked I used to, and had to be gentle with myself and the movements I would make. That is when I discovered my personal yoga practice - the gentleness of the practice and the focus on myself and my breath allowed my body to do exactly what it needed in my healing journey.

In 2018 I began my Yoga Teacher Training in Kelowna BC. The history, philosophy, and principles of practice I learnt throughout my training aided me in deepening my own practice and made me realized that I wanted to share my passion with others.

In 2020 I began my 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in order to deepen my personal knowledge and bring more of the history and philosophy of yoga into my teaching.

I have a background in psychology, and a current Masters of Social Work Student, and an advocate for mental health. With an in depth understanding of the connection between mind, body, and soul, I offer a relevant and realistic approach in my teaching, guiding and giving my students all the tools they need in order to deepen their own practice. 

Yoga Instructor

AJ Cooper

Yoga Instructor

AJ's yoga journey initially began in 2009 as a casual practice with like minded individuals. By 2016, her passion for yoga grew exponentially. She has set sail towards the Bahamas to fully delve into her practice at the Sivananda Yoga Vidanta Centre. This sacred community became a second home and a place of deep healing. 

Through yoga, AJ began to ascend above her mental, emotional and physical inner battles. Most importantly, it taught her how to live in solace, alongside the internal and external obstacles of each day. Today, this starry-eyed soul continues to grow, sharing her love, knowledge and healing energy throughout her teachings. So, whether you catch her in an upbeat class or connect through yoga, you'll be sure to absorb her uplifting vibe!

West Kelowna Yoga Instructor

Aleena McKinnon

Yoga Instructor

Aleena has been a yoga enthusiast for ten years, teacher for eight. A dancer her whole life, it wasn’t until a bad car accident that she was introduced to yoga through her physiotherapist.

It is my ongoing intention to assist others in re-awakening to the magnificence of one’s own mind and body. I believe that through a conscious exploration of the layers that comprise our being, each of us can learn to think and move in harmony with the intelligence that manifests as us. It is this re-discovery of our own strength, wisdom and grace that inspired me to continue on this journey of practicing and sharing yoga.. Namaste.

West Kelowna Yoga Instructor

Stanley Prescott

Yoga & Fitness Instructor

"Howdy! My name is Stanley (he/him/his) and I am so stoked to share some movement with y'all and of course, get sweaty in the heat! I'm a recent graduate from UBCV with a B.Sc. specializing in Cell and Developmental Biology and the Naked Truth Yoga School; I love to blend my knowledge of physiology with my passion for informed and accessible movement! I have a background in competitive Highland Dance and found yoga and yoga fusion following my retirement from dance and have been in love ever since.

As a lightning round about me: I am obsessed with Trader Joe's, Nathan's Stange Planet is my favourite webcomic, I eat a kiwi like an apple (I hope we can still be friends), I'm also a coffee connoisseur and oat milk enthusiast!"

Yoga West Kelowna

Megan Grandel

Yoga Instructor

My personal yoga practice began after years of competitive dance, bodybuilding, and powerlifting left me craving something deeper than these physical practices. Yoga has helped me create a connection between my physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. My personal experience of the benefits of yoga led me to pursue teaching as a way to share this practice with others. I completed my 200 hour YTT through Elevate Yoga Okanagan in 2020. I truly believe that there is something in this practice for everyone and my intention is to provide support and guidance in finding it. Each class offering I share is created with overall wellness in mind. I am passionate about sharing this practice with others and supporting students in their wellness journeys both on and off the mat.  

We are offering private in studio sessions!

We are running private one on one sessions in studio with your favorite instructors!  Check out our Rates & Purchase page for pricing and book on Mindbody.

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B Yoga for sale West Kelowna

We Sell B Mats!

B Yoga is a Canadian company that offers amazing yoga products produced with an emphasis on performance, comfort, and contemporary design.  We proudly sell B Yoga products along with their other brand, Half Moon.  Check out our selection in studio!

B Mat

We sell a variety of B Mats in our West Kelowna yoga studio!

The B MAT is made of 100% rubber. The B MAT is designed with every-yogi in mind. Super sweaty and fast moving, or room-temp with long holds -- the B MAT Everyday is for every-practice.  These mats are have great grip for warm and hot yoga classes!

Cork B Blocks

Our West Kelowna yoga studio proudly uses cork B Blocks in our classes.  The Cork Block is designed to support, lift and elevate your yoga practice. 

We also sell Half Moon Cork Blocks!

Yoga mats for sale
B Yoga for sale West Kelowna
Yoga accessories for sale
Half Moon yoga mat for sale
Yoga block for sale west kelowna

Please contact us for more information on our studio, classes, & workshops.

During this time we will have limited class sizes and are thoroughly sanitizing the facility frequently.  We will not be able to use props at this time.  Please bring your own yoga mat and towel.  Please also bring your own water/ water bottle.

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